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What is an Animal Physio?

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An Animal Physio is a practitioner trained in providing therapies that help to treat pain and improve mobility, strength and balance through a range of complementary therapies.

Just like human medicine, it is important to seek treatment with professionals who have the correct qualifications for the therapy that you require.  This improves the expected outcomes from therapy, and reduces the risk of further injury and/or side effects during the course of treatment.

Animal physiotherapy is currently an extremely rare and therefore specialized area of veterinary medicine and, at the time of writing this, there are only TWO qualified animal physios in the whole of WA!

Currently, to qualify as an animal physio in WA, you either need to first complete a human physio degree and then do a post graduate course in animal therapies, OR you need to first do an undergraduate degree in either animal science, veterinary science, or a certification in veterinary nursing, in order to be eligible to study the postgraduate diploma in Animal Physiotherapy in the UK.

We are extremely fortunate to have Lucy Engelmann (BNatSc (Animal Science), PGDip Animal Physiotherapy) working with us, who qualified from the Animal Physiotherapy course in the UK.

Lucy brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, and can be found consulting in our purpose built wellness centre with its specialized facilities, including an animal gym and State of the Art underwater treadmill

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