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Puppy Paw-work & Proprioception Training @ Vogue Vets & Wellness Centre

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Having your puppy exposed in a positive way to different environments and surfaces early in life makes it more likely that they will grow into a confident dog who is able to handle new environmental experiences with ease.

If this is carried out correctly, the changes of environmental conditions will increase your puppy's confidence in their regular lifestyle and support them later in life as an adult.

The key component of Puppy Paw-work is to prevent anxiety & unwanted behaviors, create confident puppies, and to increase the positive emotional bond between you and your puppy.

Puppy Paw-Work & Proprioception classes are run one-on-one with you and your puppy, and are tailor made to suit your individual pup. This means that some puppies will complete their initial training in 4 weeks, where other less confident puppies may take 6 weeks to reach the same level.

Gait Training is designed to ensure that your puppy learns to walk and trot using correct technique right from the first paw! Why is this important? If you intend to participate in dog sports later on with your dog, it is crucial that their gait technique is correct to prevent injuries and to succeed in competition, but even household pets will run and jump as part of their daily exercise regime, and appropriate gait training will be beneficial to these dogs, too. Every dog has slightly unique anatomy, as well as certain traits particular to their breed, so we work with your pup's unique conformation to achieve the best gait possible.

Both the Puppy Paw-Work and the Proprioception training use our canine gym and the skills of our animal physio to train your puppy so that they learn good movement techniques early, reducing the likelihood of injuries later in life. Your pup will be exposed to a range of different surfaces, textures and smells, enabling them to take changes to their environment in their stride, and allowing you to forge an even stronger emotional bond with your pup. This training is not only beneficial in providing confidence with new experiences, but also provides mental stimulation and better impulse control.

Call us on 6323 2916 to Find out More about these classes.

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