Puppy & Small Breed Swimming Lessons

Wanting to swim your dog at the beach, lake or in a pool this summer? What better way to introduce your puppy or small dog to water in a safe and controlled environment than swimming lessons!

You might think that all dogs can teach themselves to swim without the need for lessons, but like any other sporting activity, techniques vary and being taught the appropriate technique from an early age can help prevent injuries down the track.

Our puppy and small breed swimming lessons are one on one lessons held in our temperature controlled underwater treadmill.

Benefits of swimming lessons include:

* safe introduction to water in a controlled environment, leading to greater confidence

* the ability for your puppy/small dog to swim independently

* confidence in and around bodies of water, making drowning accidents less likely should they have the misfortune to fall into a body of water at some point

* a great way to reintroduce dogs who have already had a bad experience with water to getting used to water again in a safe and controlled fashion- everything is taken at a speed your dog is comfortable with and we will take as much (or as little) time as needed to ensure it is a positive experience for your dog.

* The benefit of a treadmill over a pool for these dogs is that we have complete control over the water levels, ranging from a shallow puddle right through to swimming depth (dependent on the size of your dog)

* a great way to burn off energy and do exercise in a controlled environment for small dogs up to 10kg

* heated water ensures that the water is actually at a therapeutic temperature in addition to allowing this activity to be continued all year round

* it's FUN!

For more info, call us on 6323 2916

or visit: https://www.voguevetswellness.com.au/puppy-classes-more

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