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Preparing for Your Online Consultation

  • Online Consultations are not appropriate for every condition. 

  • Many medical and surgical conditions require a physical examination, and sometimes diagnostic tests, to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment.  While 'a picture can tell a thousand words', there is simply no replacement for the ability to see, feel, listen to, and sometimes smell (!) an illness in order to accurately identify what the issue might be.

  • Therefore, if you are advised that a physical examination is required to assess your pet, then please be understanding of this since we will always advise you as to what is best for your pet - their health and well-being is our priority.

  • Online consultation does have a place and can, however, be very useful for more general pieces of advice and occasionally more basic health issues.

  • Our Online Consultations are run in a private and secure online consult room, which we can assist you in accessing when the time comes.

  • Payment is required up front for these consults, prior to the consultation, and can either be made over the phone by credit card, or as a direct online transfer, with a receipt emailed to us before the consult.  Online Consultations are $70

  • Online consultations are 15 minutes

  • To make the most of your consultation time it is important to prepare as much information as possible prior to the Video Meeting.  

  • We prefer to receive the following information by Email - for confidentiality and security purposes a PDF format will be used. If this is not possible we can gather the information at the Video Meeting. 


  • When you book your consult you will be sent a Client & Patient Record to be filled and returned to us prior to your consult. 

  • The patient record should include information about the animal’s current condition as well as any important medical or surgical history. There will be questions to prompt you for the type of information we need. 


  • We will advise you which FREE application you will will need to download on your ipad or iphone. We will send you a link that will open up a private Video Meeting on your chosen device. This platform is secure & private - once we send you the link you will be taken to a secure "Video Chat Room" 

  • An iPad is easy to use and allows the mobility to examine the animal in detail. Especially useful for dogs if we want to watch the animal move, walk and trot. It is a good idea to practice filming your pet before the consult. 


  • For all pets we need a position with good lighting without glare, an outdoor position is best. 

  • For small animals it is ideal to have a table or bench set up for the animal to stand on. Set up your device with a support if necessary, to be able to film the pet without having to hold the ipad. Alternatively a second person can assist. 


  • If medication is required, the vet will advise you when to collect this from the clinic.  For legal compliance reasons, medications can only be dispensed for animals that we have previously already met 'in person', and who we have examined in the clinic within the last 6 months. 

  • If an examination is required at the clinic, you will be charged that visit at the "revisit" charge instead of a standard consultation

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