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Puppy Class Terms & Conditions plus
Informed Consent

Thank you for entrusting your puppy’s training into our hands, and welcome to our practice.  

Please read the following information and feel free to ask any questions prior to enrolling in our classes. 


Puppies require a course of vaccinations, and immunity is not complete until the course is finished.  However, the vaccination course cannot be completed until most of the socialisation period has passed.  Therefore, there needs to be a compromise made between socialisation to prevent behaviour problems, and isolation to prevent infections.  

This risk of infection is minimised by 

  1. Having a primary (or temporary) vaccination before socialisation 

  2. Socialisation ONLY with other vaccinated puppies or adult dogs 

  3. Socialising in clean environments (ie not in public areas or grassed/outdoor areas)

  4. For protection for all the puppies, please avoid all public areas until the completion of your puppy course 

All puppies enrolled in our classes must be up to date with their vaccination regime (first vaccine at 6-8 weeks & second vaccine at 10-14 weeks) at the time of the classes commencing.  If the vaccination has not been performed by Vogue Vets, proof of vaccination will be required before joining the first class.


Puppy play and socialisation can be boisterous, occasionally injuries can occur.  Your qualified trainer is experienced in teaching pups how to play nicely, making injuries less likely, but accidents can still occur.



Puppy behaviour is complex and influenced by many factors including socialisation, genetics and the environment.  Puppy classes do not guarantee a perfectly behaved dog, although they are the first step in the right direction for your puppy.  Socialisation and training must continue throughout a dog’s whole life.  

The minimal risk associated with puppy classes held in a controlled environment must be weighed up by individual owners against the potential for social and behavioural development problems. 

Waiver & Liability 

1. I understand that attendance of puppy classes is not without risk to myself, my attending guests, or to my puppy and therefore will not hold Vogue Vets or staff responsible for any damage caused to or by my dog. 

2. If my puppy is found to be distressed or overly distracting to other puppies in the class, training may be modified with the use of a behaviour modification program or in exceptional circumstances my puppy may be removed from the class. 

3. Please be aware that by enrolling in Vogue Vets’ puppy classes, your information may be added to our mailing list. This allows us to send you communications and information about other classes and relevant products and services that may be of interest to you. You can update your preferences at any time by unsubscribing from our list when an email is received. 

4.  I understand that once the class has been confirmed fees are non-refundable. A refund will be given if Vogue Vets is able to fill your position before the class commences. If a refund is given, an administration fee of $25 will be deducted. Requests for transfers must be received at least 5 business days before the commencement of the class 

I agree that: 

  1. I am solely responsible for any loss, damage or harm caused or contributed to by myself, my guests, or my puppy while attending Vogue Vets & Wellness Centre. 

  2. I am responsible for all costs associated with clause a) above. 

  3. I will abide by all rules and regulations set out above in Vogue Vets’ Waiver & Liability. I accept all of Vogue Vets’ rules and regulations, accepting all terms, conditions and statements contained within. 


I release Vogue Vets (Vogue Vets Pty Ltd ATF the Durecco Trust), and its employees and agents, from all liability and indemnify from any or all claims of every kind and nature whatsoever, arising directly and indirectly, from my puppy(s) participation in activities or use of service and including legal claims. 

I have read and understood this agreement and I understand I am waiving certain legal rights by enrolling and agreeing to this document. 

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