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Our Facilities - Perth's First Purpose Built Vet Rehab Centre & Animal Gym!

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Our State of the Art Facility is the first Purpose Built Vet Rehab Centre in Perth!

We have a specialized animal gym which is fully equipped with all the rehab equipment required to assist animals in building strength and balance.

In addition to the gym, we have a specialized wellness room which is a quiet, peaceful and non clinical area designed to have a home-like feel, ensuring that your pets are relaxed and as comfortable as possible for their therapy.  This spacious room is reserved solely for physio and acupuncture sessions, so that your pets don't feel like they are in a veterinary environment and will leave feeling so relaxed that they will look forward to their next session!

Our underwater treadmill is designed specifically with weak, injured and anxious animals in mind.  It is so low to the ground that no ramps for entry and exit are required, and it has a dual entrance/exit system meaning that your pet can walk in and then straight out without having to turn around.  This reduces their anxiety, making their hydro sessions a positive experience for them. 

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It is a known fact that tension and anxiety can worsen inflammation and pain, so in addition to ensuring your pet receives the appropriate therapies and clinical outcomes, our focus is that your pet is relaxed and happy throughout their treatments, meaning that coming to the wellness centre is a positive and fear free experience.  Let us get your cats purring &  your doggy's tail wagging again!
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