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What's Involved with Animal Physio?

Physical therapies are designed to improve pain, core strength, mobility & quality of life while decreasing reliance on conventional medicines

The two main purposes of Animal Physio are:

1) Physical Rehabilitation, which addresses injuries or mobility issues that have already occurred

2) Fitness & Wellness, which aims at improving function and performance, whilst preventing injuries by providing personalised strengthening and Fitness programs.

Physio treatments are provided through:

  • Various pieces of equipment, such as neuromuscular stimulators (TENS machines), lasers, & electromagnetic beds

  • Rehabilitation exercises which improve strength and balance

  • Hydrotherapy

  • & manual techniques such as massage

Which Animals Benefit from Physio?
= Animals who experience any of the Following:

  • Lameness or mobility issues, such as torn cruciate ligaments, sprains & fractures

  • Loss of flexibility eg stiff joints from arthritis, or a sore back

  • Weakness caused by problems such as hip dysplasia, old age, or illnesses like Cushing's disease

  • Pain, either acute (sudden) or chronic, eg after an injury or wound, or arthritis

  • Balance and co-ordination issues from spinal disease or head injuries

  • Underweight animals requiring muscle strengthening exercise

  • Overweight animals requiring weight loss

  • Sporting & Working dogs striving to achieve their peak physical condition 


Canine Hydrotherapy


The Aqua Treadmill provides support for strengthening and stretching exercises.

Aqua Therapy has 2 functions:

1) to aid in recovery from injury or surgery

2) to improve strength & fitness in active or sporting pets

Phototherapy (Laser)

Feline Laser Therapy.JPG

Phototherapy (Laser) is the use of penetrating light to stimulate healing & to reduce pain.  

Phototherapy is proven to promote cell healing & minimizes scar tissue in the process, yielding better recovery from injuries.

Animal Physio Therapies

Animal Rehab Perth_edited.jpg

Our highly qualified staff supervise your pets to safely improve their core strength & balance through personalized physio exercises in our specially designed animal gym. 

These exercises are particularly good for animals with spinal issues or weakness.

"After 8" Club

Dog Hydrotherapy.jpg

The "After 8" Club is our Senior's mobility program.  Designed to keep your senior pet strong, fit & mobile, this range of fun & gentle exercise programs will help keep the spring in your senior pet's step!

Veterinary Acupuncture


Acupunture is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world.

Very fine needles are placed into pressure points resulting in decreased pain.

It is used either alone or together with western medicine.

Electromagnetic Therapy

Animal physio perth assisi loop

The Assisi loop & the PEMPF bed are non invasive Electromagnetic therapies that promote increased blood flow &  tissue oxygenation, resulting in enhanced tissue healing, pain relief, & reduced inflammation.

Animal Gym

Our Animal gym is fully equipped for rehab and fitness exercises suitable for pets.  

When needed, our gym area can be expanded for larger dogs to use the Cavaletti (hurdles) course which aids in improving balance and strength.


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5/36 Cedric Street​

Stirling, Perth WA 6021

Tel:  (08) 6323 2916

Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 18:30 pm

 Sat: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Noon)


For After Hours Emergencies:

Call Perth Vet Emergency 1300 0400


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