Your pet's Health & Happiness is our priority.  For this reason, our Veterinary Consultations are 20 minutes in length, so that we can ensure your pet receives a thorough Examination.  This also enables you to ask questions, and gives your pet time to relax and feel more comfortable with being in the clinic. 

In addition to showering your pet with cuddles & treats, we offer Wellness Programs, Vaccinations, Antibody Titre Tests, Microchips, plus Dental & Senior Programs!

Coming soon - Pain Management is an area we are focused on - Come back soon for the launch of our new Pain Clinic.


Pet Health & Wellbeing

Puppy Preschool

There are few things more exciting than introducing a new puppy to the household!  Ensuring that your puppy is well trained and a happy & relaxed member of your family is crucial to making the overall experience a positive one for everyone.

Puppy Preschool is designed especially to achieve this!

Our classes promote positive reinforcement techniques, and we welcome (in fact we encourage!) the entire family to participate. 

Call (08) 6323 2916 to Find out how you can Enrol.


Whiskers' Wednesdays & Stress Free Vet Visits

Vet Visits don't have to be stressful or a source of fear for your pets.  At Vogue Vets & Wellness Centre, we all love dogs and cats equally, and we are dedicated to performing your consultations in a manner that is as free of fear as possible.  Copious cuddles and treats for confident animals, and a quiet and slow approach for those animals that are more timid is something that sets us apart from other vet practices.

We are happy to take our time to provide your pet with a more comfortable vet experience, and our Feline Only consulting hours, "Whiskers' Wednesdays" are designed to provide your cats with a stress free visit without barking dogs.  Although cats are welcome any day or time of the week, "Whiskers' Wednesdays" are set aside solely for cat visits*,  each Wednesday between 1pm and 4pm.   

*Whilst we make every effort to keep these hours cat only, we have a duty of care to all our patients and cannot refuse emergency treatment of our dog patients, so dog emergencies will be seen during these hours if required.


Our Modern Surgical Facilities contain State-of-the-Art monitoring equipment which, together with our highly skilled staff, improves the safety of your pet's procedure.  From Desexing through to advanced surgical procedures - we've got your pet's surgical needs covered.  Should your pet require particularly complex surgery, we have an excellent relationship with several specialists that we can refer you to should the need arise.

Surgical Services

& Desexing


Did you know that the rate of periodontal disease (tooth and gum disease) in dogs & cats over the age of 3 is >70%?

Dental disease not only makes your pet's breath smelly, it can worsen (& even cause) diseases like heart disease and kidney disease.

Good dental health can increase your pet's life expectancy & eliminate smelly breath, making leaning in for those cuddles so much nicer- everyone's a winner!

To help you keep your pet's mouth healthy for as long as possible, we have free Nurse Dental clinics and we stock a range of dental health products that are available over the counter.  Regular use of these products has been shown to reduce the frequency & need for more involved dental procedures that require anaesthesia.




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