Puppy Classes

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There are few things more exciting than introducing a new puppy to the household!  Ensuring that your puppy is well trained and a happy & relaxed member of your family is crucial to making the overall experience a positive one for everyone.

Puppy Preschool is designed especially to achieve this!

Our classes promote positive reinforcement techniques, and we welcome (in fact we encourage!) the entire family to participate. 

Your puppy will learn:

  • how to socialise well with puppies of different sizes and breeds

  • toilet training tips & tricks

  • general obedience - "sit", "come", "stay" etc

  • preventative health care- how to keep your puppy safe, happy and healthy

  • toxins & household poisons- what to avoid to keep your puppy safe

  • how to have fun and to love your vet!

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Puppy Proprioception & Gait Training

Puppy School Vogue Vets & Wellness Centr

Leading on from Puppy School, we also offer individual training for proprioception (sensory awareness) and gait training.

When performed at an early age, proprioception training can decrease the likelihood of anxiety later in life by exposing puppies to a range of different environmental conditions in a positive fashion.  If this is carried out correctly, the changes of environmental conditions will increase your puppy's confidence in their regular lifestyle and support them later in life as an adult.


If you are planning an active lifestyle for your  dog that includes regular walking, running, hiking, swimming, or actual sports such as agility, herding and luring etc, then proper gait training can reduce the number of injuries your dog is likely to sustain and will help to maintain their active lifestyle for as long as possible.

Proprioception and gait training sessions are one on one and similar to a personal training session or Pilates. These sessions are tailored to your dogs individual needs and work to ensure overall conditioning and fitness. We look at targeting muscle groups that may not be used regularly day to day to keep your pup strong and healthy and to reduce any potential injury.