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Please read carefully.

  • The decision to incorporate Hydrotherapy into the care plan of a patient is an informed decision made by that patient’s veterinary surgeon, owner and animal physio. It takes into consideration the benefits (strengthening, weight loss, improved function and/or healing) as well as the risks (rare, can include but not limited to: delayed healing, failure to improve, worsening of a condition). Please carefully consider the following terms and conditions prior to beginning hydrotherapy 

  • Whilst every care is taken of the animals undergoing treatment and in the maintenance of the water and equipment, all animals receive hydrotherapy treatment entirely at their owner’s risk. 

  • Patients cannot be treated without the prior authorisation and referral from a registered Veterinary Surgeon. 

  • Owners must understand results cannot be guaranteed and that complications are inherent to some degree in any medical procedure or treatment, and that not all complications can be predicted. Owners must understand that complications may result in prolonged hospitalization and may require additional diagnostic tests, treatment, procedures, and/or operations. The costs associated with any complication, including additional diagnostics, treatment, procedures, and surgery, that may arise from or during the diagnosis and treatment of an animal at Vogue Vet and Wellness Centre are not the responsibility of Vogue Vets. 

  • Animals with infectious or contagious conditions OR who have been in contact with infectious or contagious diseases, such as PARVOVIRUS, ear, eye, skin infections, gastric upset, kennel cough etc over the past week will not be treated. Please advise the veterinarian if your animal has been unwell or in contact with an unwell animal recently 

  • Bitches in season will not be able to attend sessions until their season has finished. 

  • We will require sight of an up to date vaccination certificate prior to commencement of a session. Animals cannot use the underwater treadmill without up to date vaccinations, unless they have had a recent titre test which showed adequate protection OR have been cleared as healthy by a veterinarian within 24 hours of their session, and their owner acknowledges the increased risk to their animal.  

    • If animals are not up to date AND the owner chooses not to test their titre levels, the owner must accept that the animal is at an increased risk of: parvovirus, hepatitis and adenovirus infections in the case of dogs, or herpes virus, calicivirus and feline parvovirus in the case of cats; and this risk is wholly the owner’s decision and responsibility 

  • Owners should wear sensible clothing & shoes; ensuring that you don’t mind getting wet 

  • Owners are requested not to feed their animal for at least 2 hours before attending an appointment and to ensure that the animal has been to the toilet before arriving.  We reserve the right to charge a fee should a patient defecate in the treadmill (as we may have to close the treadmill in order to disinfect and refill it). Do not feed for at least 2 hours after hydrotherapy. 

  • Owners should not stop any medication unless advised by their vet, even if they see an improvement in their animal’s mobility. 

  • When not in the treadmill, all dogs will be kept under control and must be on a lead, at all times.  

  • Vogue Vets and Wellness Centre cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to any person or animal, howsoever caused, whilst on our premises.  

  • Vogue Vets and Wellness Centre cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or personal property, howsoever caused, whilst on our premises.  

  • We reserve the right to use any video footage or photographic stills taken during sessions, for educational, reporting and/or marketing purposes. Please inform a staff member if you do NOT wish for your pet’s videos or photos to be posted on social media 

  • We reserve the right to muzzle any dog that shows aggression during the session. We reserve the right to refuse to swim dogs that are aggressive towards us in the treadmill. Owners are responsible for keeping their dogs under control in such circumstances & will be held liable for any damage or injury caused. 

  • We reserve the right to cancel any appointments after incidents such as an animal defecating in the treadmill or situations beyond our control (a power-cut for example).  This is purely for health & safety reasons, to prevent risking the health of any patient and/or owner. For this reason please make sure that we have a mobile contact number. No compensation will be paid in such circumstances as it will only be done for reasons beyond our control. However we will endeavour to re-schedule your cancelled appointment.  

  • We reserve the right to refuse the treatment of any animal aggressive beyond control or whose owner is rude / abusive to our staff. 

  • Payment is required at the time of treatment.  Please do not ask for credit, as refusal may offend. 

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